Cusabio C-terminal Myc-tagged Recombinant

The C-terminal Myc-tagged Recombinant, derived from the c-Myc protein, is a popular epitope tag for detecting recombinant protein expression in yeast, bacterial, insect, and mammalian cell systems. The Myc tag can be fused to the N-terminus or the C-terminus of a protein. The well-characterized Myc tag provides a reliable method for the detection and purification … Read more

Cusabio Bacillus subtilis Recombinant

Bottom We recently constructed a Bacillus subtilis strain (CCTCC M 2016536) from which we deleted the srfC, spoIIAC, nprE, aprE, and amyE genes. This strain is capable of robust recombinant protein production and amenable to high cell density fermentation. Since the promoter is among the factors influencing target protein production, optimization of the initial promoter, … Read more

Cusabio N-terminal 10xHis-tagged Recombinant

Abstract Amino-terminal (N-terminal) sequence analysis is used to identify the amino acid order of proteins or peptides, starting at their N-terminal 10xHis-tagged Recombinant. This unit describes the sequence analysis of protein or peptide samples in solution or bound to PVDF membranes using a Perkin-Elmer Procise Sequencer. Sequence analysis of protein or peptide samples in solution … Read more